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Why Paying Attention to This Moment Creates Your Best Future

  Living in the present moment — it’s the practice at the heart of all mindfulness teachings, and the essence of well-being. But what is it, this thing we call being present? I’m not sure we all share the same answers for what … Continue reading

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Living In The Question: When Not Knowing Is The Answer

We are obsessed with knowing.  We demand  answers to all our questions and confusions, answers to even the as-yet unanswerable.  And, we demand that we find answers quickly, to save us from having to sit in the unknown.  We’re taught from the earliest age that … Continue reading

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Keep It Juicy Podcast: Mindful Relationships

Nancy will be talking MINDFUL RELATIONSHIPS on the        KEEP IT JUICY podcast.                                                    … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Courage to Stop Doing?

From human doing to human being…how a little stillness can go a long way… Our basic state of wellbeing is obscured because of the essential paradigm (or misunderstanding) we live by, namely, that we are human doings, not human beings.  … Continue reading

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How to Not Burden Our Kids With Our Own Emotional Stuff

Being a good enough parent on a practical, task-based level is a bit like doing an iron-woman triathlon—daily.  But the real triathlon of parenting is the work that goes into staying awake and aware of our own emotional “stuff” and not putting that on … Continue reading

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