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New Realities: Dealing With Digital Addiction

Are you the type of person who looks at their phone every 10 seconds? If you do Nancy Colier and her book The Power of Off has some wise words for you.

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How to Be a Good Parent in a Digitally-Addicted World

I write and speak a lot on digital life, what it’s doing to us psychologically, spiritually, socially and as a society. What we can do to create a sense of wellbeing and freedom in the midst of what often feels … Continue reading

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Fire it Up with CJ Liu and Nancy Colier

CJ interviews Nancy Colier on her book “The Power of Off”. Why is spacious and quiet so important? How do technology distractions keep us from experirencing oursleves? What critical aspects of ourselves do we lose when we opt for ease … Continue reading

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CBS Radio with Nancy Colier and Dr. Pat Farnack

Nancy Colier, Psychotherapist and Author of “The Power of Off” Nancy Colier is a Manhattan psychotherapist, life coach, and author of “The Power of Off.” She talks about how use of our devices has really affected our entire world, and not … Continue reading

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