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How Long Should You Wait For Your Partner to Commit?

Commitment is a topic that brings a lot of couples into therapy. The word has a single definition, but it holds infinite meanings. For many people, commitment includes an emotional acknowledgment of a we, in that we are with each other and choose to be part of a couple. And … Continue reading

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Wellness from Within

Delta Sky: How does our relationship with technology impact our health and well-being?  

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Are You On Your Own Side? How to Take Good Care of Yourself From the Inside Out

Have you ever wondered why we’re so bad at self-care, why taking care of ourselves is so difficult for us human beings, and not simply inborn?  Every week, another book comes out on how to take better care of ourselves. So why … Continue reading

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Covey Club with Lesley Jane Seymour: How to Find Quiet in the Noisy Season

Finding silence and peace in the noise and chaos of the holiday season.  Nancy Colier and Lesley Jane Seymour sharing coffee and conversation. vimeo.com/247705768

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When We Shame Ourselves: How to Unhook from Self-Shaming Thoughts

For many (dare I say most) people, spending time with parents can unleash some pretty strong emotions. No matter how grown up we are, our original family can put us in touch with deep hurts, primal longings, unmet needs… a tsunami … Continue reading

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