Nancy Colier

How We, as Women, Give Away Our Power

Gwen was a working comedian when I first met her.  She wasn’t famous yet, but it seemed that she was on her way there.  I had never met an artist who pushed herself so hard.  No matter how tired she was, she showed up at every audition and never said no to any possible opportunity.  […]

Are You A People-Pleaser at Your Own Expense?

Petra was furious when she woke up in the morning—furious at herself.  The previous evening, she had met up with an old friend visiting from out of town.  He was going through a rough divorce and needed to talk.  Petra went into the evening ready to listen, and to be a good friend. Based on the fact […]

Why We Get Caught in Power Struggles, and How to Let Them Go

This morning I had a fight with a 5-year-old, my 5-year old.  I decided to write about it because the resolution felt important to me, and a great reminder for all of us who don’t live in caves and thus participate in human relationships of any kind. The fight: my daughter appears at the breakfast table, […]