Nancy Colier

Prescription for Happiness: Living WithOUT Intention

We are a culture of doers. “What can I do?” “What should I do?” And the double do… “What do I do?” We are conditioned to believe that we need to do something to be happy and really, just to be okay. We need to do something in order to get the something or someone […]

When Will This Exact Moment Matter?

In my last blog, I spoke about one of the reasons that we have such a hard time being present in the NOW.  In short, we cannot enter the NOW and must remain outside it, watching it, managing it, in order to protect our identity: how we will be seen as a result of our […]

Stop the Train and Let Me Into My Life!

Stop the train, i want to get off!  This is the refrain I hear all day in my office.  The feeling is that life is whizzing by outside a window and needs to somehow stop so you can actually experience it.  What is the cause of this?  We are not experiencing our life because we […]