Here’s How to Do a Social Media Detox the Right Way               

Good Housekeeping Feb/2020

How Ditching My Smartphone Let Me Recharge and Reconnect                                                                                            by Amy Paturel ______________________________________________

How to Drop a Work Grudge

March 11, 2019



Women’s Health – Jan/Feb, 2019                          Taking Tech Breaks to Supercharge Your Brain

Delta Sky: How Does Technology Affect Our Health and Wellbeing?

How to Break Free of Tech Addiction

Learn how to regain control of your devices so they don’t control you.

The Irish Examiner, August 18, 2017

Last May, in the annual survey,

THE slipping of a device out of the pocket, the quick glance under the desk — it’s a classroom scenario teachers will shortly return to.

54% of second-level students admitted they’d checked their smartphones behind their teachers’ backs — in schools where smartphones are banned outright or only allowed at break time.  Full article:

BK04934-Power-of-Off-frontlist-coverThe Power Of Off: The Mindful Way to Stay Sane In A Virtual World”

(Sounds True Publishing, November, 2016)

Do you feel overwhelmed and disempowered by technology?  Do you want to discover a better and more peaceful way to live with technology?

Workshops, book tour and signings to be announced soon.  Book will be available this summer in pre-order, through all the online retailers as well as bookstores.

Inviting a Monkey to Tea

Inviting  a Monkey to Tea: Befriending Your Mind and Discovering Lasting Contentment 

Hohm Press (1st edition), 2012, Book Case Engine (2nd edition), 2014 (ISBN:978-1-62848-05-11).

GettingOutNewCoverGetting Out of Your Own Way: Unlocking Your True Performance Potential

Book Case Engine, 2014

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-34-45-pmWHEN ESCAPING THE MOMENT IS THE NEW MOMENT: The Power of  OFF.  Yoga Journal,com, November, 2016

cover_issue13-emailThe Power of Off: Your Best Self in a Virtual World,” the new article in Best Self Magazine, based on my upcoming book, The Power of Off.


The Power of Off, excerpted in Nov/Dec, 2016 Spirituality and Health


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