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Are You Afraid to Be With ‘Just’ Yourself (Without Your Smartphone)?

People often ask me how I think human beings are changing as a result of our addiction to technology. The fact is we are changing in innumerable ways but perhaps none more profound than in our relationship with ourselves, that is, how we experience our own company.

It is paradoxical really.  On the one hand, we believe that every cinnamon latte we consume is extraordinary and meaningful to others.  We share every thought and feeling, imagining the world as our doting mother, celebrating every itch we scratch.  And yet, despite our sense of self-importance, we, simultaneously, have lost touch with an internally generated sense of self worth or meaning.

We determine our value by the number of thumbs ups we receive on social media.  We don’t feel important or likeable until our friends validate us with public “likes.” And if our Snapchats are left unopened…

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201612/are-you-afraid-be-just-yourself-no-smartphone

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