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Your Best Self in a Virtual World

cover_issue13-emailThe Power of Off: Your Best Self in a Virtual World,” the new article in Best Self Magazine, based on my upcoming book, The Power of Off.

Eight years ago, as a Facebook newbie, I read a post in which my good friend announced that she had gotten up for an early bike ride and was now following the ride with a refreshing acai juice. The experience of reading her short post left me feeling bewildered and disturbed. It was inexplicable to me why a mature, intelligent adult would want to post such information to a public audience. I didn’t get it at any level, but I knew at that moment that life as I knew it was about to change in a radical, profound and as of yet, unknowable manner. I knew that we were all headed into an unfathomably . . . Read more .

The Power of Off: Your Best Self in a Virtual World

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