Nancy Colier

When Over-Giving Is Depleting You: How to Stop (Part 4)

Here, I will lay out some of the deeper beliefs at the root of over-giving, and what is really an unwillingness to give to yourself in the same way you give to other people. For most over-givers, underneath it all, there’s a reluctance to admit the un-admittable, namely, that you’re human and not, as you […]

Are You Exhausted From Being the One Everyone Can Count On? (Part 3)

Are you tired of being the one everyone counts on, who can do it all, seemingly without needing anything for yourself? Are you exhausted from giving to everyone and everything? Here, in Part 3 of this series, I offer some steps you can take to break the over-giving habit and reclaim your vitality. In short, how […]

Overwhelmed and Exhausted? How to Stop Giving Too Much (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I addressed reasons you might be over-giving, taking care of too many people and too many things—to the point of exhaustion. In this next part, I want to suggest a path toward recovery (from the over-giving habit), and ways to take charge of your own time and energy. How do you […]

When We Need An Apology But Are Never Going to Get One

Why is it so hard for some people to say “I’m sorry”? It’s remarkable how difficult these two simple words can be to say out loud. I’ve been gifted with my share of never-sorry people over the years. I say gifted, because not getting the “I’m sorry” I’ve craved and (I thought) deserved has forced me to investigate the psychology […]

When You’re In Relationship With a Blamer

Our greatest challenges are our greatest teachers, and they often manifest in the form of family—at least, that’s been my experience. I have taken on a practice and habit of bowing to my hardest or most painful situations, even as I struggle with and loathe them. I know that if I can approach my greatest […]

What to Do About the People Who Blame You For Everything

My recent post, “When You’re in Relationship With a Blamer” When You’re In A Relationship With a Blamer inspired overwhelming feedback, both from people who feel they receive blame and those who think they’re blamers. (Encouragingly, many blamers expressed the desire to change their blaming habits.) The questions I raised included: The first thing to […]

When It’s Time to Let Go of Control and Surrender

Surrender is at the heart of all spiritual paths; no practice is more powerful or profound. But what does it mean to surrender? And what does it not mean? Surrender is too often misunderstood, boiled down to a few affirmations about “letting go,” and then misused as a self-help instruction. But in our misunderstanding, in trying to do surrender […]

Why It’s So Important to Feel All of Our Feelings

This past weekend I witnessed an event that was both utterly simple and utterly profound, an interaction that beautifully demonstrates what we really need to feel OK. I was sitting at an outdoor café, when what appeared to be a family of three: a mom, dad, and their 9-ish-year-old daughter (who was carrying a wrapped […]

Why the Self-Care Industry Might Be Exhausting Women

Self-care encompasses a lot more than just mani-pedis these days; it’s bloomed into an 11-billion-dollar industry, one that’s been capitalized on by almost every other consumer industry: spa, bath, water, beverage, skin care, essential oil, travel, food, home design. You name it. Everybody’s got a hand in the self-care market. Yet, it seems that the […]

When Feeling Guilty Is Your Natural State

Do you ever feel like you’re inclined to accept the blame when things go wrong? The truth is, some of us are more prone to feeling guilty, as if a background sense of guilt is just wired into our system. Even if we don’t know specifically what we did wrong, we’re convinced that we did something we […]