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More Reliable Than happiness

There is a state of being that is far more reliable than happiness.  There is a place inside us that is okay regardless of whether the situation in our life is okay.  I call this place wellness.  We are well when we are no longer reliant upon our circumstances in order to feel grounded and good.  We are well when we can relax with the franticness of our own mind, and can tolerate whatever is moving through our awareness.  We are well when we can tolerate whatever is happening within our own premises, without leaving the now or disappearing into its contents.  We are well when we are no longer identified with the contents of our own mind.  Our minds are wild, fragmented animals, broken toys, computers with frayed wires.  It is the nature of the mind to fire random bits of information at us every minute of the day and night.  We uncover our inherent wellness when we find the I that is under the constant firing of the mind, the I that is in fact being bombarded by the endless internal noise.  When we can experience the world and ourselves from this underneath I, we can maintain a state of wellness regardless of what is going on above in the continually changing fray of life circumstances.  Our place of stillness, the still I, can experience all the movement (desired or undesired) while remaining consistently well.  From our seat at the center of the storm, we are always well.  More on how to uncover this still I in upcoming posts…

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