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Nancy Colier at Young Presidents’ Organization – Family Week

Nancy Colier, Presenter, YPO Family Week, June 18-23, Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, FL.

Do you compulsively check your smartphone?  Are you always plugged in?  When was the last time you saw your child’s face without the glow of a screen on it?  Our relationship/addiction to technology is changing who we are and how we live. We connect more, but feel more disconnected; we have limitless possibilities, but experience less satisfaction: we take more selfies but feel less self-worth.  Continually distracted, always on, we live in a state of fight or flight, and yet our nervous systems are burning out; we desperately want to slow down and find relief from the noise. In this interactive talk, psychotherapist, interfaith minister and mindfulness teacher, Nancy Colier, offers empowering strategies to become more mindful and present in our lives, and reclaim a sense of control over our time and attention.  The way we are now using technology is not leading us to a state of wellbeing.  But with greater awareness, responsibility, and new habits, we can radically change the quality of our lives—right now.

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