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Are We Only As Important as Our Platform?

I was told by several publishers that I would have to blog in order to strengthen my “platform” and get my book published by a major press.  Sadly, all this technology, this business of getting a platform, is entirely in contradiction to the message of my book, namely, being well.  The UN-Happiness Project: How to Be Well in a Happiness-Addicted World is about finding our inherent wellness, our place of silence amidst all the noise, living from our deeper knowing and not through the franticness of our minds.  This unending technology and social media pulls us up into our heads and out of our hearts, away from the center where our Spirit is well.  Promoting myself on the internet is an experience that creates UN-wellness.  Ultimately the question shifts from “what will getting this book published DO for me (my ego self)?” to “how do I want to live the moments of my life, right now?”  The truth is, I do not need anything FROM this book.  The process of writing it was remarkable.  Building the business of ME is out of alignment with my living as Spirit, and out of alignment with how I want to live.  As such, I choose the experience of life, I choose living a life that is well instead of trying to sell/arrange myself into a life that will supposedly benefit my ego.  I will blog as my heart is called to, because I want to and not because I should–telling myself that it will be good for ME.  It is not good for the ME that is awareness.  Knowing myself as awareness, consciousness, presence, I am moved to be still and listen, and to use words and technology only when they serve awareness and what is truly my growing edge.  Ultimately, it comes down to whether we want to live as the narrator of our our lives, arranging a life that is “good” for us, or, if we want to live directly as who we are, trusting that this directness will lead us to well-being and to what is best for our true self.  For me, I choose the latter.

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