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Today I am beginning my blog.  Why?  Because I have written a book that I am now shopping to agents and publishers.  I am hearing the same thing back from each, “You do not have enough of a platform for us to get behind you.  The material may be fabulous but if we don’t know for sure that we can sell it to enough people (and we certainly are not going to be the first to believe in you), you are out of luck.”  I actually had a conversation with an editor this morning about building my planks so that my platform could be stronger.  Great material, she agreed, but who will buy it?  And so, reluctantly, I begin my journey out into the world of blogging.  I am sick at my stomach as I feed the modern-day marketing machine that I so disagree with, bow to the monster, but here I sit writing a blog, building my planks.  What happened to the days when content ruled decisions?  What happened to standing behind our own experience, because we believe in what someone has to say?  What happened to our faith in the people that read books, that they will read something that has not been presented to them by Oprah.  What happened to publishing?

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