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The Likability Cage: Are Women Still Trapped?

Thirty-five years ago, my sorority sister was raped at a fraternity party. She didn’t report it for reasons we can guess, having heard this story a thousand times by now.

Indeed, it was the clichéd story: the popular, handsome fraternity boy from a powerful family who happened to be a big donor to the university was the attacker. Socially important, he was someone you needed to like you–so that others could like you. Adding to the cliché, my friend had imbibed some spiked punch that night and was flirtatious with the guy, who later drugged and sexually assaulted her. Read more… https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/inviting-a-monkey-to-tea/202303/why-its-so-empowering-and-hard-to-say-whats-true

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