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Covey Club with Lesley Jane Seymour: How to Find Quiet in the Noisy Season

Finding silence and peace in the noise and chaos of the holiday season.  Nancy Colier and Lesley Jane Seymour sharing coffee and conversation. vimeo.com/247705768

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Meditation for Peace

Nancy Colier leads us on a journey from the head into the body, from the noise and chaos of mind into the silence and peace always awaiting us, here, in the body, if we’re willing to bring our attention to … Continue reading

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When We Need an Apology But Are Never Going to Get One

Why is it so hard for some people to say “I’m sorry”? It’s remarkable how difficult these two simple words can be to say out loud. I’ve been gifted with my share of never-sorry people over the years. I say gifted, because not getting the “I’m sorry” I’ve … Continue reading

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Can a Relationship Recover From Resentment? How to Clear Out Resentment and Rediscover Empathy

As a relationship therapist, I am often asked “What’s the biggest problem couples face?”  The easy answers are money and sex, but neither would be exactly true or at least not what has walked into my office or my life.  … Continue reading

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When We Shame Ourselves: How to Unhook from Self-Shaming Thoughts

For many (dare I say most) people, spending time with parents can unleash some pretty strong emotions. No matter how grown up we are, our original family can put us in touch with deep hurts, primal longings, unmet needs… a tsunami … Continue reading

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